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alicia porras rivera
pilates instructor

Why I love Pilates.

I love Pilates because it is an intelligent exercise. I love that we strengthen and stretch our bodies at the same time as understanding how they work. We can build up a body awareness that will help not only during the class but also in our everyday lives. By teaching Pilates we help people to have a better body and mind, still whilst being safe.

The best part of being a Pilates instructor for me is when clients feel the difference in their bodies (physically and mentally) and you know you have helped them to have a better life.

How I teach.

I like helping people understand how Pilates can relate to their everyday lives. I like educating my clients so they will build up an awareness.

At the same time I think Pilates should be a time to switch off, so I like teaching in a fun and peaceful way. I believe focussing on our bodies shouldn’t become frustrating or stressful. That is why if you come to one of my classes I can asure you will have fun.

Other than Pilates I spend my time.

I was a gymnast when I was younger and now I am a Rhythmic Gymnastics coach. I spend most of my time with kids helping them to be better people and better gymnasts.

However when I am not working I like traveling and discovering New Zealand, spending time in nature and doing nice walks.

I love sports so if the weather agrees I try to be outside.


Who inspires me.

It is a hard question because most of the things and people around me inspire me to be a better person.

I think I am really lucky to live the way I am living, to have had the opportunities that I’ve had and it makes me think that everything happens for a reason. I should take all the opportunities and make the most out of life. If we do not try to be better every day it means we conform, and it is harder to make a better world. So I can’t say one specific person who inspires me, but I would say it’s all the people who are living through a tough situation and still manage to smile. 🙂


What my ideal date would be.

Right now my ideal date would be with my family as they live far away!