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Jess Crompton
pilates instructor

Why I love Pilates.

Like lots of people I’m prone to overthinking and spending way too much time in my head! Not
only does Pilates give me the tools to do anything and everything I want to without being prone
to injury; it also clears my mind and keeps me present!

I’m a very physical person and hold a lot
of my emotional stress in certain parts of my body and Pilates clears so much of that stress and

How I teach.

I would like to think I’m adaptable and caring. Every day life is hard! We spend so much time
tending to our work, families etc we don’t often take time for ourselves. I see Pilates as that time
for my clients so I try to look after them in whatever way they need and keep them present and
aware for the short time I have them!

Other than Pilates I spend my time.

Dancing, singing in the car and anywhere that echoes, writing, being with friends and family.

Who inspires me.

Taylor Swift
Vicky Kapo
Maggie Rogers
Debbie Crompton

What my ideal date would be.

I always do the asking and planning of dates! So basically if someone else actually planned
something I would be stoked!