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Phoebe Heyhoe

Why I love Pilates.

Pilates for me started out as a way of finding more grace in my art form (contemporary dance) but now its my philosophy, my way of life. I always find stopping for any given period of time is a bad idea.

How I teach.

I would like to think I teach in an enthusiastic and encourage way. I love to help clients discover things about themselves and their bodies they never knew. I enjoy the challenge of reading a body without having to be told, and I love making someone feel amazing in their skin in only 45minutes.

 Other than Pilates I spend my time.

Running this business! Dancing. Watching shows. Eating!

Who inspires me.

My incredible clients! 

What my ideal date would be.

Being flown on a mystery getaway to “I don’t care where” as long as it’s hot, has amazing food and I get to relax!

(just saying)