Pilates Classes

skye hurst
south instructor

Why I love Pilates.

 I love Pilates because no matter how long you practice Pilates there is always something new to discover and different ways to challenge yourself.

How I teach.

I like to aim for continuous movement in my classes. Though the body does need to stop sometimes in order to work well for us, as a teacher I never let my clients stop thinking. The movement may not always be happening in the body.

Other than Pilates I spend my time.

I like to spend my time finding new places to walk my two beautiful dogs. (They sometimes visit our Pilates classes and check in on how the ladies are going.) They can’t walk very long distances because they get tired fast but they love getting out and exploring new places.

Who inspires me.

I have many points of inspiration in my life. I like to take small pieces and ideas from everyone I meet and try to incorporate it somewhere into my life whether it be mentally or physically.

What my ideal date would be.

My ideal date would be sitting in the back of a ute high above a busy city at night, watching all the street lamps lighting up the sky and eating pizza 🙂