Dance Pilates is one of the main conditioning techniques used by professional dance companies Β around the world to prevent and rehabilitate serious injuries.

WHAT IS Dance pilates?

One of our highly skilled instructors will come to your dance studio to teach a group dance Pilates class or workshop targeted at dancers.

This class will emphasise strength conditioning and flexibility, which we know are the core principles of making a great dancer.

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dance Pilates


At MatWorks we only hire trained professional dancers as Pilates instructors. We believe that an unspoken knowledge comes from dancing your whole life which just simply can’t be learn’t.

We also believe in the benefit of learning from people who have been there before.




For one off workshops we require a deposit of $40 upon booking to secure your time slot.
Please follow our Cancellation Policy. We require 24 hours notice to cancel a class or you will forfeit your deposit. Cancelling by phone call or text is usually the best way.

we hire your studio
we would charge your students $15ea per class
Min 4 students
24 hour cancellation policy applies
one off workshop or irregular booking
2nd instructor $70
24 hour cancellation policy applies

what are the benefits?

Strengthen your core.

Increase flexibility.

Get higher legs

More turns

Take your dance training to the next level.

Dance Pilates


How old do my students need to be?

In our professional opinions we think it’s wise to start offering this to students aged 12+

How many students per class is recommended?

We can cater for 16 per class, or larger numbers if you wish but we would strongly recommend a second or third instructor to ensure quality of technique.

Do we need mats?

No. We will bring all the mats you need. However if you have mats you’d prefer to use that’s fine.

Is this service only for ballerina's?

No. MatWorks can help students studying any type of dance.

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