Why does my session say it's 90minutes long?

We add 30minutes to the start of your session to allow our instructors time to travel from their prior client to you. Make sure to book for 30minutes prior to when you want the session to begin.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothing that isn’t revealing and socks. Sticky one’s if you have them!

Do I need a mat?

No, you don’t need a mat. We will bring one for you and anyone joining you. However if you have a mat at home and would prefer to use your own that’s fine.

How much space do I need at my house?

You only need enough room to fit your own mat on the ground, and some wriggle room for your instructor to get past you or sit beside you. She can assist in moving furniture if need be.

Can I have my baby with me?

Absolutely! We can even assist in distracting your baby while we instruct you.




How old do my students need to be?

In our professional opinions we think it’s wise to start offering this to students aged 12+

How many students per class is recommended?

We can cater for 16 per class, or larger numbers if you wish but we would strongly recommend a second or third instructor to ensure quality of technique.

Do we need mats?

No. We will bring all the mats you need. However if you have mats you’d prefer to use that’s fine.

Is this service only for ballerina's?

No. MatWorks can help students studying any type of dance.