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WHAT IS relaxation massage?

Relaxation massage is a Swedish massage which uses smooth, gliding strokes, kneading and gentle frictions. This helps to de-stress from a busy working week or just give your body some general TLC.

WHy choose MATWORKS?

Your MatWorks therapist will move at a slow pace with the aim of helping you unwind, relax and be transported to a peaceful place. You will leave MatWorks feeling rejuvenate, calm and free.

Our clinic

Is situated at 1/555 New North Road, Kingsland

What makes matworks different?

Our combined services.

We are YOUR one stop shop. We offer an incredible combined treatment of Massage and Pilates.

For Pilates we encourage the massage first to release tight holding patterns, and then workout after. This enables us to find the muscles that never normally work due to the dominant muscles holding tension. 

Massage + Pilates

On Pilates One to One

Pilates is most effective when done one to one. Your instructors full attention will be on you, helping to see from the outside what habits you have and how we can train you out of them.

You will see better results from 1 one to one session per week than 3 group classes, as every exercise is specifically tailored to your body. 

Our instructors are all trained dancers. They have an innate intuition when it comes to the body, and you will notice a huge difference with the added massage treatment first.

During a regular one to one, we spend half the time trying to loosen you up, and only get to work on strengthening for 30mins. This way we can dive straight into the work and start to see results faster. 

To book Massage + Pilates combo

You need to call 0276658740

This is to make sure we can arrange both therapist and instructor to be available for you at the same time. 

Our Therapist

eridani baker


On Eridani

I grew up part time in a radio station and part time in a yoga studio. My parents named me after a navigational star system and said it was so I would “think big, but never get lost”. I spent 10 years working in media before switching to yoga. I teach because that’s how yoga works. The teacher gives the teachings to the student, and the student’s job is to then become the teacher. I am grateful to all of my teachers and teach in honour of them.

our services

45 min mASSAGE
45 minute relaxation massage.


No refunds on purchases but exchanges are permitted. Purchases may be transferred to another client at no cost.

Please follow our Cancellation Policy. We require 2hours notice to cancel a massage or you will be charged as if you attended. Cancelling by phone call or text is usually the best way.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my appointment say it's 15minutes longer than I booked for?

We add 15minutes to the end of your massage to allow our therapists time to reset the room for our next valued customer. This gives you a chance also to get dressed, have a cup of tea and do a few stretches in our stretch area before you leave.

What should I wear?

What you wear to your appointment doesn’t matter unless you are staying for Pilates or Yoga too. We will use grape seed oil during your massage therefore it’s best to be only in your underwear. You will of course be suitably covered at all times. For Pilates or Yoga we ask that you wear loose and comfortable clothing that you can move in.

Do I need a mat for Pilates/Yoga?

No, you don’t need a mat. We will have one here for you. However if you have a mat at home and would prefer to use your own that’s fine.

Can I have a massage if I'm injured?

It’s always best to check with your health care professional before you join us.

I have cancer, can I have a massage?

Unfortunately it would be unsafe for our therapists to treat you in this condition. Speak with your health care professional about what would be suitable for you.

Can you focus on a particular area?

Absolutely. Just talk to your therapist about it before the treatment begins. If only a 45min Massage then another area will have less time spent on it to cater for your request.

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