Do you have a diastasis recti but you’re unsure how to fix it?

Do you know what exercise is safe to start?

Or are you looking for safe options to recondition your abdominals?

want your pre-pregnancy body back?

Do you want to feel strong and confident in your body as you care for your beautiful new baby?

Or maybe feel confident getting your child out of the car safely without lower back pain?

So You want to

  • Feel and look strong and healthy
  • Bring your abdominal separation back together safely
  • Reduce the postural adaptations cause by pregnancy
  • Reduce stress and tension in your shoulders, neck and lower back
  • Be a fit, fun and energised mother
  • Take care of you, so that you can take care of the most precious thing on earth, your child?

Meet Mae

Mae has 3 beautiful girls, 2 of which she had without any Pilates training. Then she discovered MatWorks and it changed her life forever.

My core, especially my lower abs and pelvic floor have never been so good!

I started my pilates journey when my 2nd child was 2, a year before my 3rd pregnancy. I went along to my usual classes and adjusted exercises accordingly. I pilate’d right up to my due date.

I saw Phoebe at 5.5weeks to do her post natal programme and now 6months on I continue to enjoy and regain strength, ever cognisant of ongoing influence of hormones on joint laxity and gradual strength rebuilding and knowing my abilities!

Dr Mae David

If Mae can do it, so can you!

As a Pilates professional and dancer with a keen interest in developing and increasing my skill set I jumped at the opportunity to learn more about pre and post natal Pilates. Since then I’ve coached thousands of women through their post natal recovery one on one, all of whom rave about the positive effects of doing our NatalWorks programme.

Not only does it feel good to take some time to care for yourself at a period of your life where most of your focus and energy is being drained by your new baby, but also to know you are reconditioning your body in a gentle and safe way to ensure you don’t come into trouble later in life.

These one on one sessions have been so popular that I had to find a way to be in everyone’s living room everyday, so naturally our 12 week Post Natal Pilates Programme was born!

I’m so excited for you! You have the most amazing opportunity to start from scratch with your abdominals and really cement some brilliant habits for the future!

What is NatalWorks




Who is this for?

This programme is designed for women to commence anytime from 6weeks post birth.

If you had a c-section, you can still partake in the entire programme but we recommend you begin after 8 weeks or from when your scar is no longer sore. We also suggest repeating the first few weeks to really build up the deep abdominal strength slowly.

Please consult your doctor or health practitioner and get their permission before commencing our programme. They can also help you assess your Diastasis Recti if need be.

Post natal pilates

“MatWorks has significantly improved my core after it was damaged following a difficult pregnancy and birth. It is wonderful to work alongside my daughter, especially as I think it so important for our children to see us being active. Phoebe is amazing. She is great at scaffolding, gradually building us up to a new level of fitness, strength & flexibility. Even now it continues to be a weekly challenge and I always notice the parts we have worked for days after.

I would highly recommend MatWorks to anyone looking to regain their core strength and pelvic floor after having a baby.”

Hannah Cox + Marigold

How does it work?

We have specifically designed the programme to build up your strength slowly, and help you combat the postural deviations you are facing from both pregnancy and now child care.

Each video is around 30-45 minutes long and is meant to be performed daily.

After purchasing the programme you will receive immediate access to our private Facebook forum, where you will have access to our video’s and also to many other Mums going through the same thing.

what are the benefits?

  • Reduce Diastasis Recti
  • Recondition Abdominals (so you can fit back into your pre-pregnancy jeans!)
  • Increase strength of core and glutes
  • Weight loss (without starving yourself!)
  • Improve Posture
  • Reduced aches and pains
  • Prioritising you, so that you can be the best mother possible for your child!

Natalworks PRICING

What you will get
  • 12 x 45minute workout videos
  • Unlimited access to a private Facebook forum of support from other Mums
  • Direct access to Phoebe herself.

What do i need?

For this course you will need a mat if you choose to work on one and also a theraband.

If you don’t have one already, you can purchase one from us and we will send it to you.

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